Linde’s Nursery


Before Miss Linde was born, I spent a lot of time sitting in her nursery rubbing my growing belly, and thinking about what it would be like to have a baby. I’d read the books in her collection, sometimes out loud, but I just couldn’t picture it. Despite it’s makeover, the room just felt kinda lifeless. I worried this was due to some flaws in the décor, or the fact that it’s in the corner of the house. I hoped it would change when the baby arrived.

Well, it definitely did. Her room now oozes with life. I think it’s my favorite room in the house. It’s cozy, warm and vibrant. Sometimes when she’s napping I don’t want to leave. I just curl up in the big blue chair and nap myself. All the room needed was her.


I had a great time designing her nursery. As you can see, it’s seriously Pinterested out, but I also had a few ideas of my own. Mostly just the wall color though, pretty much everything else is Pinterest. As you can see, this is where Linde’s Elephants live.


The dresser was a Craigslist purchase. I refinished it using a paint color I originally attempted on a bathroom wall. Bathroom fail, dresser win.


The book shelves are made of plastic gutters. Pinterest.


This piece of art is an embroidery I picked up in Laos. I thought is was super cool and unique. Cool it is, but unique, not so much. Little did I know these embroideries can be found all over Minneapolis, due to our large Hmong population.


I made the mobile from paper, they are windmills. She is mesmerized by it. The footprint canvas will be added to as she grows (Pinterest). The triangle flags are decorations I made for our wedding.


This painting I picked up in Zanzibar. It’s called a Tinga Tinga painting.


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