Linde 8 Month Letter

Dear Linde, You’re almost 8 months old. I’ve neglected writing your letters. We’ve been busy with work, vacation, and the holidays, and it always seems much harder to write these than it actually is. The last couple of month have … Continue reading

Prenatal Letters, 11 weeks, 1 day

October 27th, 2012

Dear Pumpkin,

We saw you for the first time last week. You are a tiny little peanut flipping and turning inside my belly. At our first appointment with the midwives, they did an ultrasound to get a better idea of how far along you are. Turns out your almost a week older than we thought! They moved your due date up to May 17th, two day after my 32nd birthday.

We weren’t expecting to have an ultrasound, I was hoping they could Doppler your tiny quick heartbeat at the most. So, when you popped up on that screen, I couldn’t help but cry with joy. Your Dad just smiled and smiled. Neither of us could tear our eyes from the screen. You were so active, the midwives could barley measure you! Just over 3 cm, and growing quickly. You looked so perfect, I could hardly imagine something so perfect.

I’ve been feeling pretty good these day, just extra tired with a few waves of nausea. Sounds like things will really start to even out in the next few weeks. It’s hard to believe we’re almost through the first trimester. I told your Great Grandmother Gove and Great Grandmother Olberg about you. They are both thrilled! I can’t wait for you to meet your Great Grandmothers, they are amazing, inspiring women.

By the next letter, I bet pretty much everyone will know you are coming. It will feel good to have it totally out in the open. It’s been hard keeping you a secret!

Love Mom


October 31st, 2012
Your Dad and I went on a hike on Pike Island and came across these deer. Things always seemed a little extra magical when I was pregnant.

It’s amazing to read these letters now, and realize how little we knew about that little baby when I wrote them. We knew so little about all of this. The entire time I was pregnant I couldn’t really picture the actual baby. It was like she was always just something I imagined up, even when she was kicking me in the bladder all night-shift long. I wonder if that changes the second time around. Since you know what having a baby is like, are you better able to visualize the reality of the baby?

You and your Dad at the State Fair last week. You really liked it, but who wouldn't.

You and your Dad at the State Fair last week. You really liked it, but who wouldn’t.