Up North

A couple weeks ago my sister Sara, and her fiance Mike, came to town from Chicago with the purpose of spending some time at my family’s cabin. Through some miraculous coordination, we worked it out so the whole family could be there together at least one night. The first night was just Sara, Mike, Joe and Linde and I. It was super fun. I was worried the stress of having a 10 week old baby in a one room cabin would squelch everyone’s fun, but not so. Linde went to bed early and we drank sake and played a hilarious game of Cards Against Humanity. We went to bed late, and Miss Linde only got up one time in the night!


The next morning my parents arrived with my other sister, Natalie. We swam, tanned, relaxed, and took turns hangin’ out with the baby. That’s one of the best parts of having a close family, when they are around it’s like Linde has four extra parents. They are all so great with her.



That night, we cooked dinner on the grill, and followed it with s’mores on the campfire. We put the little Miss to bed, and all wandered down to the dock. Sara and I got out our cameras and got some good shots of the lake. Having spent most of my life in Minnesota, and many summer vacations “up North,” I sometimes forget how uniquely beautiful the landscape is. The lake is crystal clear, and 30 feet out from our dock it drops to depths of 100 feet. Quiet fisherman troll past us, searching for the “big one” in the best walleye waters in the world. Loons saunter by, voicing their unmistakable call, and barley notice our human presence. Bald eagles fly just above the tips of the Norway pines that line the shore. It’s a place where you can literally watch the moon rise while the sun sets.



Worn out we all headed to bed. Sort of hilariously, we packed everyone into the cabin for the night. For my sisters, parents and I, it’s no big deal to all sleep in the same room. We’ve been on many family vacations, and often all stayed in one hotel room. But, I don’t think my husband, and my sister’s fiance will ever get used to the idea of sharing a bedroom with my parents. They are really good sports.


I don’t know if we’ll get the chance to head up North again this summer. My parents will go up there late into the Fall and early Winter, I’m not nearly that hardcore. The cool temps signal the end of cabin season for me. It’s so exciting to think next year Linde with be running around, and will have her first dip into Leech Lake, officially inaugurating a new generation of cabin goers.


As an adult, do you still vacation with your family? Where do you go? Ever been to Minnesota?

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