The Beginning of This

    So this is my first blog. I’ve been inspired by others’ blogs I’ve recently come across. Originally this inspiration translated itself into a recommendation to my talented-with-the-pagesister that she write a blog. Why this didn’t initially make me think I could write a blog simply just comes down to a personal meme. I never thought of myself as a writer (still don’t), and I actually never thought I liked writing, but why should this stop me.
    As I said in the description, the purpose of this blog is to remind myself of all the aspects of my life that reinforce my creativity and drive – all the things that tend to get ignored in the hustle and bustle of daily life while in nursing school. These things include art, photography, travel, cooking and more. Inevitably, when I start the new semester of my accelerated BSN program at Minnesota State University, Mankato, some of my blogging will turn its attention to that.

    So the hustle and bustle I spoke of above has pretty much been on hold for the last three weeks. I finished my first semester at Mankato in early December and decided it was also time to finish my 3 month stint of living in a crap-hole apartment in Mankato. It was also time to finish the nearly 3 year very long and more recently less long distance arrangement between me and the boyfriend Joe. After his charming agreement, I decided to move in with him in Rochester – the easternmost point in the Triangle.    

    The first week was full of moving and organizing and merging of the stuff. We have both lived on our own for a number of years now, so we have a lot of stuff. After lots of organizing, and lots of trips to the Goodwill, things are starting to look settled. Though there is still stuff left to do, I really have exhausted my will to organize and clean – just in time for the New Year. I have also satiated my thirst for television, even with 200 channels and full access to the TPT Create Channel.

    Needless to say, it is time to explore. So, I’m off to see what downtown Rochester has to offer. I’ll be back with photos!

2 thoughts on “The Beginning of This

  1. You've successfully inspired me to start a blog of my own. Goal: First post before the New Year…stay tuned. And pish posh to your “I'm not a writer” comments. You are great!

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