2010 is Totally My Year

A few years ago, New Year’s Day 2006 I think, I decided that that year was totally going to be my year. It was a great year. I curated 6 exhibitions at the outsider art gallery I ran, I reconnected with Joe, overall it was a really good year. When 2007 rolled around I decided that it would also be my year, and it was also pretty fantastic. I took multiple trips to Chicago, I visited Joe for the first time in Lincoln, I loved every second of living in Northeast Minneapolis. Needless to say, 2008 and 2009 were also totally my years. I made the decision to go back to school for nursing, I went to Africa and I moved in with the BF.

2010 is totally my year. This is the year I will graduate from nursing school. This is the year I will get to spend more than just weekends with Joe. This is the year I will blog. I also have a feeling this is the year I will discover I have hidden talents, and I will put them to good use.

Hopefully, this is also the year I will travel to Asia. Other hopes for 2010 include eating half as much in twice as much time, making new friends in Rochester and getting a nursing job in a cool, yet to be determined, city of our choice.

My first adventure of 2010 starts bright and early tomorrow morning. My father will drop me off at Grandma’s house, and I will then drive her and her car to Fort Walton Beach, Florida where she is a proud Snowbird. Everyone seems to think I am crazy for doing this, but I really can’t wait. I’m excited to “see America.” The furthest I have ever driven is between Minnesota and Lawrence, KS about 1,000 times, and I’ve seen enough of that America – no offense Iowa and Missouri, but you guys are boring.

Our route will take us through what I’m sure will be gems of cities. First stop Champaign, Illinois followed by Paduca, KY, Nashville, Birmingham and Montgomery, AL. Oh, and it will not be -15F in any of those places. So, suck it Minnesota winter, I’m done with you for a few days.

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