Minnesotans Like Spicy Food Too

    2nd day of driving done. I’m really tired of driving. I’m also starting to get irritated too easily. Luckily, I can just focus on the road and nod my head. We drove from Champaign, IL to Birmingham, AL today. We stopped a few more times than yesterday which was fine, we still made it in 9 hours. Wow, so far this is a really boring post. I had much more interesting intentions, but I’ve got nothin’ right now.
    We ate at Chili’s and the server made sure to warm us that there are jalapeños in the appetizer. I’m positive he did this because my Grandma is old and white and he saw my Minnesota driver’s license and figured we couldn’t handle the spicy stuff. Whatever Alabama, Grandma ate a pulled pork sandwich covered in a raw jalapeño  slaw and didn’t mention it once.
   I would also like to point out that I left Minnesota to get away from the cold, and it is 30 degrees here. Lame. It’s cool, I think it will be at least 45 in Florida.

    Is it wrong that Alabama feels more foreign than some of the foreign countries I’ve been to? I think that this is probably because I totally judged the South long ago, and it is totally not fair, but every Confederate flag I see reinforces the stereotypes. Sorry Alabama, but Confederate flags are just not cool with me.

One thought on “Minnesotans Like Spicy Food Too

  1. Agreed. Confederate flags are NOT okay. And no, it's normal that Alabama feels foreign. It's seriously a completely different place down there. Get in, get out and don't look back. I vote to take the long way back and go through New York and down through Ohio. Avoid the south…. 🙂

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