Cat Love

Well, it was only a matter of time before I dedicated a post to my cats. I’ll try to keep it brief, I promise. I love pets with people names, so my cats are Eli and Ben. Eli was actually his given name, by the humane society of Lawrence, KS.

Ben’s humane society name was Pazzobella. Lame, I know. I decided on Ben before we left the place. I got him at the humane society in Minneapolis in 2007. He’s huge, and I think he is still growing.

Together they make a great pair. I usually get to see one awesome cat fight a day. I may be a bit of a cat lady, but I love them. They are the best. Even though they wake us up at unreasonable hours of the morning, they are so nice to come home to. So, more pictures!

Ok, I’m not making any promises, but that will most likely be my last post about my cats.

2 thoughts on “Cat Love

  1. I remember when you got Eli!! Wow, they are GIGANTIC! Seriously, they look bigger than half of the dog breeds out there. I bet you blog about them again before the year is over 🙂 By the way I love the pic of them looking out the window.

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