To 2010: Thanks

As I get ready to leave 2010 behind, I find myself with a new desire to blog again. I can’t really make any excuse for the blatant disregard of this blog for months.

You know you had a good year when people say “congratulations!” to you at Christmas, and you are not sure which awesome thing in your life to which they are referring. I experienced that this year, and once I realized it was happening, I was overcome with gratitude. 2010 was an amazing year.

In July, Joe and I were engaged. I intended on blogging this story many times, and I hopefully will soon. It was unexpected and exciting, and I’m so glad it happened. I was lucky enough to have two good friends, and fellow classmates, also get engaged this Summer. We spent hours in Gaylord, MN flipping through wedding magazines and feverishly planning while we should have been studying public health. So for 2011, we have our wedding, along with the weddings of many friends to look forward to.

2010 was also the year in which I completed the task that spurred the creation of this blog. I graduated from nursing school with my Bachelors of Science in Nursing, and honors.  Sometimes it was hard, a lot of times it was easy. I did things that scared the you-know-what out of me everyday while working at the Heart/Lung Transplant ICU at the Mayo Clinic, but I have never been more sure about being a nurse. It seems like just yesterday I got this crazy idea about nursing in my head, but here we are. So for 2011, I eagerly await a new job.

My third congratulations-worthy life event is some recent news we received about Joe’s job. He has been relocated to a new territory in the Western suburbs of Minneapolis, our home turf. Although we were totally caught off guard, and a little stunned, we are thrilled to be returning to the motherland. We just rented a fancy pants apartment in the city, and can’t wait to move. For the first time in years, I feel very settled.

So finally, the Year in the Southern Minnesota Triangle is officially ending. I now must find a new name for this blog, and a new motivation for continuing it. I think I just made a New Year’s resolution.

Congratulations to you, and see you in 2011.

3 thoughts on “To 2010: Thanks

  1. Anna, I would like to be one of the many who would like to say congratulations! for a job well done…graduating from nursing school and finding a very, very nice young man to marry.

    Great to see you at Christmas and hope you have a great New Year's! Love, Jolene

    Oh yeah, the chocolate chip pie was great!

  2. Bring on 2011 and all the great things it has in store! I can not WAIT for your wedding. I understand the need to blog at year end….wish I could have kept it up all year, but I think it's a testament to how much we have going on and how filled our lives are that we just didn't find time to keep it up….maybe 2011 will offer more blog-ivation in addition to all of the other things going on. 🙂 Happy New Year to you and Joe – Miss you!

  3. Hey, look at that last photo! Will you be in Northeast??? That means we can have coffee finally! Happy New Year, Nurse Anna. Or as they say in Australia, “Sister Anna.” See you soon I hope!

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