Ugh February. Yea Minneapolis. Gratitude.

This is the time in Minnesota when I am so over it. I’ve spent most of my life in this state, but every year I find myself surprised that the winter can actually be this long. Luckily, J and I are now proud residents of Minneapolis. Having a view of the city, underground parking, and many friends close by seems to be helping. I honestly don’t think I could have braved another Rochester winter. True, I did only have to brave one, but still, I didn’t want another.

It is good to be back. We have a sweet new apartment right on Loring Park. The location is unbeatable. We are about a 5 minute walk to Nicollet Mall, and a 10 minute run to Lake of the Isles. We are one block from “Eat Street,” and also have a fantastic restaurant in our building. We’ve had to resist the urge to eat every meal out at one of the many great restaurants nearby.

I just moved away from Minneapolis in August of 2009, but moving back now, it feels like a whole new city. I’m seeing excitement and potential in Minneapolis that I wasn’t seeing a few years ago. I guess it took a little time away to make me realize what a special city this is. Or, it took a year or so of small town livin’ to make me really miss the city. Granted, many would argue that Rochester is not really a small town, but it wasn’t big enough for me.

So here we are, in our new chic apartment. J has a awesome new territory, and I’m about to start my first job as a real nurse. I got a job on the oncology unit at my absolute first choice hospital. Things could not have worked out better. In the midst of this gloomy, depressing, hated time of year, I’m feeling enormous gratitude for our circumstance. I hope next February is like this.

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