Prenatal Letters, 7 weeks 1 day

Dear pumpkin,
That’s the name your Dad and I gave you last week. I think it’s pretty adorable. Apparently you are the size of a rasperry today. I seem to realize your existence as your “fruit” gains in size.
I read someone’s description of pregnancy as me being two people at once, you are not yet realized as your own being, and I am no longer just me. I’ve been thinking about this a lot. I get a huge sense comfort and love when I think about this idea. You’re always with me now, and I’ll always be with you. This is the beginning of a bond that with last for eternity. I’m really in awe over it.
We’re in Chicago right now, visiting your Aunt Sara and Spikes, Regan and Alhambra are all here too. This is your first trip outside of Minnesota, your first airplane ride. Your father and I love to travel. We hope to instill this love in you as well. I can’t begin to describe how much travel has given me.
With each week that passes, we tell more people about you. Your Grandma and Grandpa Gove know, and are very excited. So are your aunts Sara and Natalie. Regan, spikes, and Alhambra also know. They were surprised and excited. Your grandpa Joe also knows, and he’s thrilled. We all really can’t wait to meet you. Only 33 weeks to go!
Love Mom
Ultrasound at 10 weeks
I wrote these letters periodically throughout my pregnancy, and they really fill my heart now. I thought today about the idea of being two people at once while pregnant, and I felt a small sense of loss knowing that that is no longer the case. You are really your own being now, and you show us more of your being each day.

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